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Any website design company can make a website. Some of these are attractive websites, and some are not. Probably more importantly, some are successful at helping a business grow and thrive and some are not. The difference between a web design company that simply takes your order, and one that tries to understand your market, your customers and your competitors is your secret to success online. And that exact science and art of making your web site successful is the stuff that gets us really excited.

Research tell us that websites have about eight seconds to convince a website visitor to stay. So in a brief moment your website visitors quickly assess whether they trust your website and your brand, and if they feel confident that going further into your website will get them what they need. It's everything from the usability of your website, to the look and feel of your website. If they don't feel confident in your website experience —they often leave and visit one of your competitors websites.

Well that's how our agency was born, to help our clients make the most of those first eight seconds. eightseconds is an award-winning website design company located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. The eightseconds team has decades of Fortune 500 brand marketing and design expertise, and leverages that for up-and-comers and small to mid-market companies to help give them a better competitive advantage online.

eightseconds knows that being successful online is more than having a pretty website, under their luxurious exteriors, our websites are packed with marketing strategies, strong usability, memorable brand experiences, search engine optimization techniques, and an array of tactics and features to convert website visitors into your customers.

Your website visitors often make a decision about your business within the first 8 seconds. So contact eightseconds to make the most of your website.

If you just can't decide, check out our blog and read up on a few tips and tricks about being more successful online.

eightseconds interactive agency focus:
> Integrated Marketing Programs
> Brand and logo design
> Media Planning and Buying
> Web Design and Web Development
> Social Media
> Internet Marketing / Web Site Marketing
> Search Engine Optimization
> Search Engine Marketing
> Radio

industry experience:
> Consumer Brands
> Healthcare
> Home and Garden
> Beauty and Fashion
> Business-to-Business
> Manufacturing
> Real Estate


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